Fellatrix art

Various works of eminent authors. New drawings and animations. The theme is mainly interracial sex, big breasts and ass, 3d beauty, plus for the first time exclusive comics on order from Fellatrix.

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We really felt like we needed to separate Japanese comics and hentai from anything Western because, hey, they’re even more taboo. There is something inherently weird about the Japanese. Something that makes them draw such obscene comics. Focusing on such outlandish and morally wrong scenarios.

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Fellatrix Compilation

Fellatrix All sex, BDSM, Futa, Interracial, Gangbang, Exhibitionism, Pregnant, Rimming.

Author: Fellatrix
Distribution type: Art
Censorship: None
Genre: All sex, BDSM, Futa, Interracial, Gangbang, Exhibitionism, Pregnant, Rimming.
Number of pages: 807
Format: JPG PNG

Download archive — 2.87 GB

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Last but not least we have a selection of porn games. Naturally, they all play differently, we have many different genres represented on here – JRPG, dating sim, visual novel, and even turn-based games. Once again, we would like to warn you that some of these games focus on taboo stuff. Maybe it’s nothing going to discourage you, but do the opposite instead. We don’t know.

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