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JMempire / Jm

JMempire,Art, Misc

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Distribution type: Art, Misc
Censorship: In some files
Genre: All sex, Big breasts, BDSM, Torture, Gore, Freak, Mutilation, Gaping, Piercing, Prolapse, Body Modifications, Large Insertion, Nipple Fuck, Futanari, Scat, Lactation.
Number of pages: 793
Format: JPG PNG
Description: «The pernicious influence of the West» — many will exclaim. JMempire is a Chinese artist with the skill of Martin van Maele and the power of imagination by Franz Kafka. Most of the author’s works contain body modification, prolapse and piercing. Naturally raised to the absolute.
It is guro, whether it deserves the prefix ero to judge you.

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