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Bougie Feet

Alyx Star ( Bougie Feet),LoveHerFeet,Gonzo Hardcore All Sex Foot-Fetish Footjob,

Year of production: 2021
Subsite and site:
Gonzo Hardcore All Sex Foot-Fetish Footjob
Duration: 00:35:40

It’s hard to focus when Alyx struts into the study showing off her sexy red lingerie with her enormous tits falling out from the top of the fabric.

When she shows off her new high heels, flaunting those sexy arches with her newly painted baby pink toe nail polish.

It’s hard not to take notice of this voluptuous princess dying to take a dick deep between those sexy soles.

To distract herself from her horniness. Alyx begins plucking the strings of a harp seductively eventually pulling her father’s colleague out of the study and into her sexy feet chambers.

As she presses on the pedals of the harp, he realizes he’s waited long enough.

It’s time to taste those sexy toes and lick those adorable feet from top to bottom, sucking on each piece of delicious flesh. Savoring the flavor of her royal feet.

Her sexy feet smothering his face as she moans in absolute ecstasy.

He can’t resist plunging his big hard cock. Deep into her wet slutty pussy as she rubs her sexy feet all over his body, giving him a taste or two as he thrusts deeper and deeper into her wet pussy.

A spectacular castle of a home is the perfect backdrop for this foot fetish fantasy come true as he covers those delicious toes with his cum. Pouring it all over her sexy princess feet …

HD type: 1080p
Format: MP4



Alyx Star ,PornDudeCasting,All Sex, Big Natural Tits, Casting,

production date: 01-10-2021
Genre: All Sex, Big Natural Tits, Casting
Duration: 00:42:20
Description: Alix Star calls her nipples her secret weapon because she can cum when stimulated. She wasn’t the only one who got turned on when she showed off this talent for PornDudeCasting.

00:00 Alix Star is from Oregon, so naturally I wanted to know if she considers herself a hippie. «Pure hippie,» she laughed. «I love hygiene, but I’m very freedom-loving, open-minded, all that.» I began to have foul thoughts about what kind of wild shit this flower child could be capable of, and well, I warn you, Alix lived up to my expectations. Her big, natural cock also lived up to all the videos I watched before meeting her.

02:35 «People love my boobs. I love my boobs. Yes.» Alix wanted to show off her beloved couple from the start by taking off her top to show off a few yoga moves. “It’s nice to be naked,” she said, striking a downward dog pose with swaying, swaying and giggling. Alix also revealed a little secret to me that came in handy later: «My secret weapon: I can cum from stimulating my nipples.»

PornDude 4K

01:04 I asked how often she masturbates and Alix rolled her eyes. «Sex is good. Orgasms are good. Why do you think I’m so happy all the time?» We delved deeper into what keeps that lovely smile on her face, and that number includes the magic wand, erotic romances and «real, authentic lesbian porn and it’s hard to find.» She told me about the guys and girls she enjoys working with and her complete passion for girls. «There is one pattern. They have boobs.»

15:05 I had an idea for a little showcase of her own tattoos. Given her aptitude for yoga, I thought Alix was a natural born hula hooper. It turns out she needs a quick lesson, but let me tell you that her first clumsy attempts to watch are as fun as her later successes. «If you can teach me how to twist the hula hoop, what’s next?»

19:12 Alix was nervous, but worried as she knelt down. «Wow!» She giggled as she unwrapped the gift and then asked, «What do you want me to do with this?» Before I could answer, she had already wrapped her mouth around him. Alix looked great in the eyes, shaking her head, sometimes clasping my trunk with her raised little finger, as if she was drinking tea — gorgeous, damn it! At some point, she noticed that Karen was looking at us from the corner. «It’s okay. I love being watched.»

23:48 When a cute babe like Alyx Star says you have a good dick, it would be foolish not to offer her more. We moved to the couch, where she took off her panties and slid onto my cock. She combined her groans and smiles with moans and giggles as she jumped up and down. “I like to sit on your lap,” she told me. «Oh shit, you make my damn boobs bounce!»

26:09 Those beautiful and floating breasts were a recurring theme during her visit. Alix sat back into dog pose, but this time my thrusts from behind made her tremble. I squeezed her hands and began to hammer. When I let go and grabbed her hair, Alix pinched her nipples and groaned.

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Craves Black Cock In Quarantine


production date: 2021-03-10
Duration: 00:49:09
Description: All alone in her house with no visitors, Alyx Star has been craving some cock when the «Social Distancing Task Force» comes by for an in-depth inspection. A stranger with a big black cock and a thermometer takes her temperature, checking out her sexy body and all its parts. Quarantine has made Alex super horny, craving human connection, like sucking a nasty big black cock. Alyx decides to whip out her perfectly large tits, sucking on her nipples, showing off her titty-fucking skills for this horny black cock. Being alone for so long, Alyx places that BBC into her hungry cleavage and ravages that BBC with her horny, wet pussy. Cum on tits looks so delicious especially when it sprays out from a BBC onto a gorgeous rack like hers.
HD video type: 1080p
Video format: MP4


 Big tit brunette Alyx

Actor’s name: Quinton James
Title: Big tit brunette Alyx Star fucks her boss to get that promotion
Number on the site: 26643
Subsite and Site: NaughtyOffice / NaughtyAmerica
Production date: 2021-07-05
Genre: Big ass, big natural tits, blow job, brunette, caucasian,
Description: Alyx Star heard that her boss is getting a promotion and he is planning on taking another girl with him to be his secretary. Alyx isn’t having that. She’s worked too hard under him to not be taken along and promoted too. She decides to use her best assets to convince him that she’s still the best secretary for that job. She reminds him of all the fun fucks they’ve had over the years and busts out her huge tits. She fucks him right there and then to remind him exactly how good she is.
HD video type: 2160p

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