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Cinemadis,Alain Nauroy as Sam Corey

Year of production: 1976
Country: France
Genre: All Sex, Classic
Length: 01:13:41
Language: French
Director: Alain Nauroy as Sam Corey
Studio: Cinemadis

As per Encyclocine:
Brigitte Lahaie (not listed)
Sylvia Bourdon
Martine grimaud
Nadia day
Alain plumey
Richard Darbois
Manuel pluton
Charlie schreiner

As per EGAFD:
Brigitte Lahaie (not listed)
Martine Grimaud plays an American
Nadia day
Sylvia Bourdon plays an American
Richard Darbois plays Mick
Cyril val
Charlie schreiner
Manu pluton
This is a very elusive film which few people have ever seen. Le Dico only has a description of the plot and quotes from a secondary, contemporary source for the review. But the film does, or did, exist although there is the possibility that this title was also used for a re-release of P … comme pénétration. Footage from it was probably used in other films such as Bachelières en chaleur.

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The best porn movies from the studio Cinemadis

Les bachelières en chaleur

Cinemadis, Alcove VideoLes bachelières en chaleur

Year of production: 1982
Country: France
Genre: Classic
Duration: 02/01/46
Language: French

Director: Jean Luret (as John Blackley)
Studio: Cinemadis, Alcove Video

Cast: Richard Darbois, Martine Grimaud, Cyril Val, Richard Allan, Claudine Beccarie, Sylvia Bourdon, Elisabeth Bure, Nadia Day, Marlene Myller, Carmelo Petix, Carole Pierac, Manu Pluton, Madou Sall, Charlie Schreiner, Pamela Stanford

Description: Martine is really impossible!
A little Nymphomaniac and very exhibitionist, she always leads me into orgies more and more special… As soon as I get rid of it, my friend Alain takes over and takes care of my hobbies: he also likes parties…

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Elles s’éclatent au soleil / Pépées la baise

Celine Gallone, Diane Dubois, Samantha, Thierry de Brem, Gilles Mouroux, Charlie Schreiner,Elles s’éclatent au soleil\Pépées la baise

Year of production: 1979
Country: France
Genre: Classic
Duration: 00.58.10
Language: French

Director: Jean Luret (as Jacques Parry)
Studio: Cinemadis

Cast: Celine Gallone, Diane Dubois, Samantha, Thierry de Brem, Gilles Mouroux, Charlie Schreiner

Description: Julie (Diane Dubois) stays on the sunny side of life. In a mansion close to Cannes she whiles away her time by the pool having sex with her blonde girlfriend (Marie). There’s a third girl (a brunette) who’s not involved. The tranquility is disturbed by two guys.

Retro exclusive Celine Gallone

One of them (Thierry de Brem, non-sex) enters the house as he gets surprised by Claude (Charlie Schreiner), who is the host and Julie’s boyfriend (Husband?). When he wants to call the police he eavesdrops on Julie making a phone call to her lover. Meanwhile she has met the second guy who’s looking for his friend. In the garden she gives oral sex to him till her mouth is covered with a small load. After a dispute Claude leaves the mansion for Cannes and Julie continues her lesbian sex games at the pool.

Later he returns with an attractive blonde, Irene, who starts fellating him. Julie’s girlfriend joins them and even Julie and the second guy can’t resist. Julie then takes a second facial from Claude and the other guy finishes the scene with a load on the blonde’s stomach. Just an average movie but Diane Dubois makes it worth watching. She always gives 100 percent

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