Release Year: 1977
Studio: Alpha France
Cast: John Holmes, Susan Hart, Leslie Bovee, Eric Evol, Gene Clayton, Carrie Welton, Fifi Aldercy, Tracy Valdis, Bernard Addison, Bert Willis, Jack Aldis, Joseph Lopez, Justin Mallory, Shell Seward, Wilt Torrance, Wynne Colburn Linda Wong Phae Burd Chris Cassidy
Genres: Feature, Straight, Classic
Video language: French

1978 film starring Holmes and Leslie Bovee, shot on location in Hawaii, is the perfect example of Holmes the actor (instead of just Holmes the big, wonderful cock.) As with other classic porno, Eruption had a complete plot intermingled with hot sex. The story was very Magnum PI-like, and not just because it was filmed in Hawaii. Holmes plays an insurance sales guy who helps Bovee kill her husband to collect on a life insurance policy. The movie has plot twists and exciting moments that don’t involve sex (seriously.)

You get to watch the Holmes’ penis rise to the occasion over and over again -these are captivating moments -getting this man hard is a slow, sensual process. The only drawback of Eruption is he only has sex with two different women (Lesllie Bovee and Susan Hart.) But he is in four out of the six sex scenes and Lesllie and Susan are both very eager, beautiful, natural women who are up to the task of putting the Holmes’ dick in their mouth.

The other men in the movie are not attractive and not really worth mentioning -one of them is particularly ugly with a cheesy sunburn/tan. The sex is still hot -but it’s hard to live up to the Holmes’ legend. I would have rather seen Holmes in every scene with a wider array of women. The scenery is beautiful though –I love watching people have sex on the beach with the waves rolling on to the shore. Eruption is truly a tribute to the legend of porn.

STORMY doesn’t quite deliver the kind of raw sexuality I remember from films made during that period in porn history. Instead, the film is pretty much paint by numbers porn, complete with stereotypical blue movie funk music and actresses making a quick stop in adult entertainment on their way to, or their way from, San Francisco’s dying hippie community. Many in the cast I couldn’t even identify.

Linda Wong, if not for Holmes, would have received top billing. Despite the attractions many fans have for Asian women, not many eastern girls have ever secured a position among the adult entertainment elite. Quick, name an Asian girl besides Asia Carrera you could honestly term a porn superstar. Not so easy, is it? Linda Wong was the first, and here she is paired with John Holmes. The sheer size of his dick adds a new dimension to his sex scenes, but in her scene with him, Wong looks at the job as, well, a job. Anytime you’re fucking a dick that big, you have to be careful. Take it for granted, and it could hurt you. An enormous schlong is a little like a caged animal that way. Instead of fucking with wild abandon, Wong goes about her business with Holmes with cautious sexuality. I can’t blame her, but I would have preferred to see her get into it a little more.

After their opening coupling, the movie slips into a series of encounters between Holmes the pimp and his prostitutes, or between the prostitutes and their johns. Besides the novelty of watching Holmes bring that thing to life, there’s nothing in Stormy to write home about. The girls are on the unrefined side even by 70’s porn standards and the production values of the movie are lacking, to say the least.

Still, Stormy should remain of interest to those who became fans of pornographic movies during the late 70’s and early 80’s. It’s said that throughout our lives we keep falling for those who remind us of the first girl who ever stole our hearts, and even though the foot long cock between John Holmes’ legs seem to indicate he’s no girl, a movie like this is certainly capable of tapping into our sense of nostalgia. A dick, once it becomes so big, turns into a novelty. And that’s what Stormy is–a novelty.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:22:31
Video: 640×488, DivX 4, 2121kbps
Audio: 250kbps

File size: 1.4 GB

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