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Claude Bernard-Aubert

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Garçonnières très spéciales

Year of production: 1981
Country: France
Genre: Classic
Duration: 01/22/29
Language: French

Director: Tom Booker
Studio: F.F.C.M., Shangrila Productions

Cast: Marianne Aubert, Guy Royer, Elizabeth Bure, Hubert Geral, Richard Allan, Peter Stanislas, Andre Kay, Fanny Noel, Patrick Perrin Isabelle Brel, Olivia Flores, Eva Muller, Laura May, Dani Doll, Minnie Clayton

Françoise (Elizabeth Bure) has a husband, Jean-Loup (Hubert Geral), who is not very interesting to her.

But her friend Marie-Claude (Marianne Aubert) and her husband Jean-Claude (Guy Royer) love to use an apartment. with a double-sided mirror in the bedroom next door.
There they can have sex and watch other couples and threesomes having sex at the same time.
Marie-Claude sympathizes with her friend’s plight and gives her the key to the apartment.

At first, Françoise is reluctant to take full advantage of the «amenities», but eventually succumbs to the temptation to use them with an insurance agent (Andre Kay). Neighbor Valerie (Olivia Flores) and Vincent, a longtime regular. apartments (Richard Lemievre).

While she is with the latter, she sees her husband go for it with Katie Dupre next door. She ends up having a threesome with .

Vincent and Matthias (Peter Stanislas) while her husband has two girls (Eva Muller and Laura May) on the other side of the mirror. As a result, she has much better sex with her husband.

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